A few of the available tops are pictured below.
In general the figure is quite a bit more intense than what
I can get to come through in the pictures.
Email me to have one of these put on hold,
or to inquire about other figured woods.
Amboyna burl 99(+ $100)
Birdseye Maple 98
Cottonwood burl 97(Sold to Michael)
Dyed thru Maple burl 96 (Sold)
Camphor burl 95
Myrtle 94(Singlecut shapes only)
Mesquite burl 93
Camphor burl 92(Sold to Brandon)
Camphor burl 91(Sold)
Mac Ebony 90(+ $100)
Thuya Burl 89(+ $100)(One left)
Purpleheart fingerboards 88
A(bottom) 4 or 5-string
B(middle) 4-string only
C(top) 4-string only
Flamed Koa 87(Sold to Andrew)
Flamed Koa 86
Curly Myrtle 85(Sold to Daniel)
Spalted Myrtle 84(Hold for Mike Z.)
Close up of the beatiful grain.
Buckeye Burl 83(+$200 sold to Scott M.)
Buckeye Burl 82(+$200 sold to Scott M.)
Maple burl w/flame 81
Maple burl w/quilt 80
Maple burl 79
Up close of  the tight burl in 79
Maple burl 78
Maple burl 77
Maple burl 76
Maple burl 75
Multi color Flamed Maple 74
Camphor burl 73(Sold to Vincent)
Holly 72
I have a few more Holly top sets, here is an example of a finished bass with a Holly top.
Flatsawn Bubinga 71
I just received more of these tops in, see below for a finished bass example.
2-tone Birdseye Redwood 70(Sold to Carlos)
Maple burl 69
Buckeye burl 68(+$200 sold to Andrew)
Mesquite burl 67
Myrtle 66
Poplar burl 65(Sold to Dalton)
Redwood lace burl 64(Sold to Joel N.)
Amboyna Burl 63(Sold to Dominic M.)
Spalted 2-tone Bubinga 57(Sold to Jim Key)
Buckeye Burl 62(Singlecut only +$200 Sold)
Mesquite 60(Sold to Craig B.)
Spalted Maple 58
Redwood 56(Sold to Jongsu Chang)
Redwood 55(Sold to Jim Key)
Walnut 53(Sold to Vic)
Maple Burl 52(Sold to Jeff Laudin)
Maple Burl 51
Maple Burl 50(Sold)
Maple Burl 49
Maple Burl 48
Spalted and flamed Maple 47(Sold to Phillip)
Spalted and flamed Maple 46(Sold to James Askew)
Spalted and flamed Maple 45(Hold for Richard)
Curly Makore one piece top 42
Tulipwood 41(sold but I have another one like it + $100)
Imbuia 37(minus $150 on deluxe)
Okume 36(Hold for Richard Cutts)
Spalted Maple 34
Camphor Burl 33(Sold to Johannes)
Camphor Burl 32(Sold to Jim Key)
Camphor Burl 31(Sold to Thomas B.)
Camphor Burl 30(Sold to Jim Key)
Birdseye Maple 26 (Sold to Scott)
Thuya Burl 25(Sold to Dominic M.)
Redwood 24(Sold to T. Dominic)
Redwood 23(Hold for James A.)
Redwood 22 (Sold to Aaron)
Myrtle 20
Dyed Buckeye 19(Sold to Chuck M.)
Queensland Maple 18(Sold to Aaron)
Koa 17(Sold to Jacob)
Koa 16 (Sold to Frank T.)
Ebony 15(Sold to Andi Richiger - have similar in stock)
Rambutan 13
Walnut 10(sold to Steve)
Maple 5(Sold to Robert K.)
2-Tone stabilized Maple fingerboard (Sold to Jongsu)
Redwood Lace Burl(Sold)
2-Tone Figured Bubinga(Sold to Lee E., but I have similar in stock)
Birdseye Maple(Sold but have similar in stock)
Myrtle(Sold to James A.)
Quilted Maple(Sold but can get more)
Fingerboard "Side Stripes" ($125)