"I love the bass. You made an amazing
combination of new slick design meets vintage sound that plays easier
than any bass I've played.  I keep comparing it to my old fenders
thinking that there is no way it could hold up but it does and it's
more fun to play.  It's so lightweight and thin that it almost feels
like a toy after wearing a fender.  But that's what makes it so
comfortable and easy to play.  It hangs in the perfect place with a
strap.  The whole neck is easily accessible.  It looks cool and sounds
fat.  It makes me play more relaxed which is always better for the music."

                                               Chris Wood                










































Dimensions :
Scale length: 34 inches
Neck shape: Jazz
Width at nut: 1.5
Width at 24th position:  2.625
String spacing at Bridge:  .787
Overall length: 41 inches
Widest: 13.5 inches

Weight: 6.9 lbs.

Construction :
Neck: 4-piece Maple / with accents
Fingerboard: Bubinga

Headstock plate: Spalted Sycamore
Nut: Ebony
Body: Spalted Sycamore / Bubinga accent / Spanish Cedar core

with a Bubinga back.
Finish: Tung oil / Resin

Hardware :
Bridge: Hipshot "A"
Tuners: Hipshot Ultralites(chrome)
Truss rod: Stainless steel two-way adjustable
Positions : 24
Strap locks: Dunlop (chrome)
Output: 1/4"

Electronics :
Pickups: Nordstrand
Controls: Volume, volume, passive tone.

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