1991  -  I was a Bass major at Wichita State University.
A thank you to the great professors Mark Foley and Craig Owens.
They really made me dig deep and become the best musician I could be.
1991  -  I made my first bass, a 4-string fretless to use in Jazz band.
1992  -  I started my career as a machinist.
In the end I spent 15 years as a machinist.
1999  -  I moved to Florida
My drive to make the best basses anywhere
comes from being a bass player myself.
From the design and construction methods,
to the set-up and the finish that is applied.
Every step is taken to make the best
sounding and most comfortable basses possible.
All in all it is my opinion that the attention to the smallest
details makes a difference in an instrument.
The way it sounds, feels, plays, and to ensure that it
will last a lifetime.
Thank you for visiting the website .
Cliff Bordwell