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Owner: Matt Power Murrieta, CA

First of all, the pics, as good as they are, don't do the bass true justice. The top is SO complex in its grain pattern...simply amazing to look at! The neck is beautifully flamed, and the ash has a nice grain pattern, as well.
Probably the thing that has blown me away the most is the neck. Far and away, the most comfortable of all of the (too) many basses I've owned. Perfect (for me) shape, and the fretwork is simply perfect. Not a buzz anywhere, and I have the action set as low as possible...the strings are nearly touching the fretboard!!! Maybe 3/64" at the MOST!!

Now, the sound....rich, complex, woody...how can you describe sound? All I can say is that I hear the BASS, not the electronics package. A beautiful sounding instrument, every note "jumps" off of the string. You don't have to fight the string AT ALL to get the "center" of the note. Rapid fire 16ths are very easy to do with very little right hand effort.

I can absolutely say that this is the finest bass I've had in the past couple of years. Nothing else has really moved me as much as this bass. Truly an inspiring tool.

The playability is second to none, and it flat-out makes me SOUND better. It's one of those basses that completely inspires you on a deep level to play better.


Email from the owner: Matt Power

The strings showed up yesterday...wow, that was fast! Thanks again for the great service!
I used your bass (again!) this morning for Easter services which had over 1000 people in attendance....that flippin' bass flat-out gets it DONE! Your bass is the TRUTH!! Simply killed all morning long. I've had well over 100 customs over the years and your bass is easily the best sounding and playing bass I've ever had, period. You have your it together !

                                       Thanks, Matt




Dimensions :
Scale length: 34 inches
Neck shape: Jazz
Width at nut: 1.5
Width at 24th position:  2.625
String spacing at Bridge:  .787
Overall length: 41 inches
Widest: 13.5 inches

Weight: 7.5lbs.

Construction :
Neck: 3-piece Maple(flamed)
Fingerboard: Pau Ferro

Headstock plate: Mesquite burl
Nut: Bone
Body: Mesquite burl top / Ash body

Hardware :
Bridge: Hipshot "A"
Tuners: Hipshot Ultralites
Truss rod: Two-way adjustable
Positions : 24 w/ zero fret
Strap locks: Dunlop
Output: 1/4"  Face

Electronics :
Pickups: Nordstrand dual coils

Preamp: Aguilar 3-band with passive tone.
Controls: Volume(p/p), volume, passive tone, Treble, Mids, Bass.


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