Dimensions :
Scale length: 35 inches
Neck shape: Oval
Width at nut: 1.875
Width at 24th position: 3.1
String spacing at Bridge: .75
Overall length: 42 1/2 inches
Widest: 14.0 inches
Weight: 9lbs.

Construction :
Neck: 5-piece Panga Panga / Maple
Fingerboard: Bloodwood

Headstock plate: Thuya Burl

Pickup covers: Bloodwood (carved in thumb rest)
Nut: Ebony
Body: Curly Makore / Thuya Burl top / with Maple and Bloodwood accent veneers
Finish: Tung oil / Urethane

Hardware :
Bridge: Hipshot style "A" 3-way adjustable.(chrome)
Tuners: Hipshot Ultralites(chrome)
Truss rod: stainless steel two-way adjustable
Fretless: 24 positions with side dots
Strap locks: Dunlop
Output: Electrosocket 1/4"

Electronics :
Pickups: Nordstrand FatStacks with coil taps
Preamp: Aguilar 3-band with active/passive switch


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