This bass was made for David Muntner.

Here are some excerpts from a couple emails from David.

"I got your bass today and all I can say is "unbelievable"!  It is
absolutely amazing.  the balance is superb, the weight is even
better.  (7 lbs.!)  The craftsmanship is top notch and most importantly
the sound is fantastic.  The bass is so comfortable it almost plays by
itself.  You definitely have a happy and soon to be repeat customer." 

"...Lightweight, beautifully balanced, tight, smooth, excellent action,  a
neck to die for.  The most important for me is well balanced."
               Thanks a million!

David Muntner


Dimensions :
Scale length: 32 inches
Neck shape: Rounded C
Width at nut: 1.5
Width at 24th position:  2.625
String spacing at Bridge:  .750
Overall length: 41 inches
Widest: 13.5 inches

Weight: 7.1 lbs.

Construction :
Neck: 5-piece Maple / Padauk
Fingerboard: Pink Ivory

Headstock plate: Quilted Camphor
Nut: Pink Ivory
Body: Quilted Camphor top, Mahogany core, Curly Maple back

with Maple and Padauk accent lines.
Finish: Tung oil / Resin

Hardware :
Bridge: Kahler tremolo
Tuners: Hipshot Ultralites(chrome)
Truss rod: Stainless steel two-way adjustable
Positions : 24
Strap locks: Dunlop (chrome)
Output: 1/4" (w/ElectroSocket)

Electronics :
Pickups: Kent Armstrong
Controls: Volume and passive tone.

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