The “Parallel Chamber” bass is my design to bring out the great character of the electric bass. By having four small varying chambers instead of the normal, one large chamber of a semi-hollow body. The chambers accentuate the midrange of the bass, which brings out the expressiveness and responsiveness of the instrument, especially that of a fretless. The chambers vary in size to cover the entire midrange of the bass, from the growling lows to the mwahing highs!
   Another part of the design involves there being matched acoustic tops to each chamber. The four chambers run parallel under what becomes four acoustic tops vibrating and amplifying the frequencies of the chamber below.

Click Here for a sound clip of this bass, courtesy of BunnyBass.


Dimensions :
Scale length: 35 inches
Neck shape: Slim D-shape
Width at nut: 2.15
Width at 24th position: 3.625
String spacing at Bridge: .708
Overall length: 42 1/2 inches
Widest: 14.0 inches

Construction :
Neck: 5-piece Ash / Panga Panga
Fingerboard: Ebony

Headstock plate: Walnut
Nut: Ebony
Body: Matching Walnut top and back, Walnut and ash core.
Finish: Tung oil / Resin

Hardware :
Bridge: Hipshot style "A" 3-way adjustable.(chrome)
Tuners: Hipshot Ultralites(chrome)
Truss rod: (2)stainless steel two-way adjustable
Positions : 24 side markers.
Strap locks: Dunlop (chrome)
Output: 1/4" (w/ElectroSocket)

Electronics :
Pickups: Nordstrand Fatstacks,

Preamp: Aguilar 3-band
Controls: Volume(p/p-active/passive), Blend, Passive tone

               Teble, Mids, Bass

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