"Dia" with a Black and White Ebony top
Click the links below to read reviews of some of the basses.
Video review 1
Video review 2
"Dola" 5-string(pics)
Parallel Chamber(SCB) 6-string
"D Bass" 4-string
Big McNeely
"S Bass" 4-string
"Ball Bass" 6-string
Performance series 5-string
"Ball Bass" fretless
"S Bass"
"SCB" 5-string
"D Bass" 4-string
"S Bass"
Some of the links do not work right now, the review sight is doing some changes.
Three "Ball" Basses(pics)
"The Pink Panther"(pics)
"Big McNeely"(pics)
Modified "D" Bass(pic)
Fanned fret modified "Ball Bass"